Thursday, February 27, 2020

Decision Evaluation and Implementation Assignment

Decision Evaluation and Implementation - Assignment Example While creating a constructive decision making environment, Alan ensures that he does his planning one by one in a clear way. He keeps all the details about what he has done before, what he is doing and what he intends to do in his records for reference purposes. He, then can be termed a very organized CEO. Alan also remembers to involve his management team when developing ideas that should be used to make decisions in the company. He gets committed to his work until he achieves what he wants. Alan usually goes for what people wants. He is a leader who likes solving people’s problems. He, therefore helps the generation and evaluation of alternatives through listening to the people and his team. The major strategy that Alan tends to apply when generating alternatives is through outsourcing of these alternatives. Mulally tries to carryout adequate environmental scanning to find where the problem in the company is. After that, he seeks for the best specialists in the market who can provide the solution to the problem. The specialist sought is recommended to work with Mulally’s team to provide the alternatives. This way, Mulally has, on various occasions been accused of sometimes â€Å"leaving his team out of the loop.† The second way he uses to generate alternatives is through investing in his team. He wants that they succeed as a team. Mulally knows clearly, that team work, in the kind of company he was heading, was very useful and important. He, theref ore, requires that his team be coached and given a good training that can help them get equipped with the required knowledge and capacity to develop new ideas. Mulally insists that many people should be added to the decision-making process to help in generating as many ideas as possible. He believes that he cannot do it alone, without his team. To be able to evaluate his alternatives, Mulally hires a different team to interview his team to establish which decisions have been developed and

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