Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Did Thomas Jefferson Out-Federalize the Federalist Essay

Thomas Jefferson who was the 3rd president of United States of America is the one of the most important people in American history. He joined 1st and 2nd Continental Congress and he wrote the Declaration of Independence with John Adams and Benjamin Franklin. After Alexader Hamilton made and became the Federalist party which believed in strong center government, he made Democratic-Republican party which believed in individual states power and became the leader of Democratic-Republican. On 1800, he won the election against John Adams, which is known as peaceful transferring of power. Everybody knows that he is a Democratic-Republican, but he did many things that Federalist would’ve done and even â€Å"outfederalized† them. When Thomas Jefferson became the 3rd president of USA, people thought he is going to fire all the federalists from the government. However, he didn’t fire anybody just because they are the Federalists. He actually tried to adopt a lot of Federalist’s opinion to reduce the differences between Democratic-Republican and Federalist. Eventually, he out-federalize the federalists by taking Federalist’s argument that was strong enough to be supported by public citizen and were best fir the common good. Next, without any opposition, he allowed to have national bank. The Democratic-Republican didn’t agree with the national bank because the constitutional says that do not specifically grant power to Congress to create one.

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